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Senior Architect- Bim coordinator in Atlas Industries, Vietnam


I have over 5 year’s professional experience in the construction industry. During my career, I have managed projects in the residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality, education and public sectors of the industry. My main fields of expertise are in Building Information Modelling (having used ArchiCAD for the last 9 years), project setup, team coordination, and project standards areas, particularly when projects are being completed in the BIM environment.




Vu Phuc Thanh, Senior/Bim coordinator of Atlas Industries (Vietnam) Limited

6th floor, E.Town, 364 Cong Hoa st., Tan Binh dist.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Tel: + 84 (0) 8 3810 1000
Fax: + 84 (0) 8 3810 2000



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