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Lucian Laculeanu

Las Vegas, Nevada (702)335-0086

Starting using ArchiCAD just as an enthusiastic experiment, turned out to be a life-changing, when after almost 8 years, I am to follow this path in advocating the BIM revolution in the design and architectural communities.

This can easily be the introductory text of anybody’s profile. Now that we are here to help and assist whoever decides to embrace the future, and move the mountains. Sometimes, to go on a new path it takes courage. This is that one time when it takes just a little thinking.

We certainly are in the midst of a “revolution” that not only will force to change our set ways in these disciplines, but most importantly will educate us and enhance the capabilities of all, regardless of skills or experience.

We are going towards a globalization in interdisciplinary communication, with flexibility in design and accuracy in outputting information. This is it. BIM is the path and ArchiCAD is the proper vehicle to go on that road and enjoy the sights too.

I am one of the guides in this journey.


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