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lucchesi galati is comprised of talented individuals with varied backgrounds
and interests.  Among these dynamic professionals are licensed architects,
interior designers, construction managers, and biology and cultural anthropology 
interns.  lucchesi galati  is the first company with two Graphisoft Registered Consultants on board, Yanni Alexakis & Jason Jorjorian. Our staff also includes many LEED Accredited Professionals. 
Members of our firm are past presidents of the American Institute of Architects
(AIA) Las Vegas and AIA Nevada, and have received these chapters’ highest
group and individual honors.  Our staff was also instrumental in forming the
local chapters of the AIA Committee on the Environment and the U.S. Green
Building Council, and remain active in these organizations.   Each person brings
a unique yet complementary passion to the firm, with interests and advocacies
that include:
• Architecture and interior design excellence
• Environmental sustainability and conservation
• Sociology
• Community outreach and facilitation
• Cultural and urban studies
• Research
• Marketing and brand expression
• Practice innovation
• Construction administration and management
What we’re really interested in is a high-level exchange of meaning, intention,
and learning.  When we become aligned with like-minded companies and
individuals, something miraculous takes place.  Together, we create places that
people value.  Places where they love to work and play.  Where they can fulfill
their aspirations, hopes, and dreams.  Places that respect and contribute to the
cultural and natural environments.  That’s our real vision, mission, and purpose
at lucchesi galati:  To enrich the lives of those we touch.

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