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Ed Kirollos, B.S. Arch, B. Edu, OCT

Ed Kirollos
Ed Kirollos

Greater Toronto Area, ON, Canada

A . I . K Visual Concepts was founded in Mississauga in 1999 by Ed Kirollos to provide software training, 3D modeling, rendering and virtual reality services to the Canadian design and construction industries. In addition, A . I . K Visual Concepts developed several multimedia training volumes for ArchiCAD known as ArchiMaster and SolarMaster. Also, developed several ArchiCAD 2D and 3D libraries and participated in the testing and quality control of others.
In 1990 Ed Kirollos finished his 5 years study of Architecture. In addition to his Bachelor of Science in Architecture he also obtained a Bachelor in Education from the University of Toronto in 2012. Ed participated in the design and creation of construction documents and marketing materials of several projects world-wide. Ed also designed many training courses for ArchiCAD, Artlantis Studio, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and DreamWeaver. Also provides training for web site design for architects and 360 degrees digital photography needed for virtual tours.
Since 1995 Ed has been providing training and support services for the Canadian ArchiCAD users through the local Graphisoft reseller. Starting January 2015 Ed, as the principal of A . I . K Visual Concepts, Ed will start selling Graphisoft ArchiCAD to new and existing clients in the GTA and surrounding areas in addition to the currently provided services of A . I . K Visual Concepts.
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