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Bojidar Bulanov, AIA, NCARB

ArchiCAD has been my BIM tool of choice since 1995


ArchiCAD has been my BIM tool of choice since 1995. At this time CAD 2D systems were already widely accepted as an industry standard but they were far from being adequate architectural tool. ArchiCAD was a revelation – a tool that works the way I think.

Since then ArchiCAD has been providing me with everything needed in my career as architectural professional. The most valuable aspect of ArchiCAD as a BIM tool for me is the ability to demonstrate the building performance at every stage of the process. As a design tool it provides me with the instant visual feedback, incredible visualization capabilities and ability for early design parameters control, not only for formal exploration but also for program analysis, price control, building performance analysis. During the production process it is a valuable communication and coordination tool.

Regardless of project types and project stages, depth of analysis has always been my goal and ArchiCAD has provided me with the means to achieve it.

15 ears later I am well formed professional with diverse experience in Europe and US. The challenges are different now and ArchiCAD has evolved during this time to be adequate tool in a global, sustainability oriented professional environment. In addition to the competitive edge that use of adequate BIM technology gives me, there is always the fun of working with it that helps me to advance my career.

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