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António Frade Pina

Architect, Project & BIM manager| GRAPHISOFT Registered Consultant & content developer | Founder of concepsysBIM - BIM consulting & content development services.

"I see myself as resilient, resourceful and competitive problem solver"
Born in 1971, I obtained my degree in Architecture at Lisbon's Technical University Architectural School (FAUTL) in 1994.

At the time I joined school, I was already a very proficient Autocad user. Apart from modeling in 3D in later versions of Autocad, my previous programming knowledge led me to master AutoLISP language which I kept using over the years to improve Autocad's productivity.

In 1994, although being a very experienced AutoCAD user, I enthusiastically joined the 'virtual building' concept with Archicad 4.0/4.5 versions. I was then responsible for selecting and introducing Archicad software as a design and modeling tool in several architecture offices where I worked both as an architect and CAD manager. 

In 1999 I began my own freelance architectural activity, leading to the later foundation of the architectural practice Concepsys in association with architect Ana Bordalo da Rocha, in 2002.  Throughout the years I have implemented and used to their extents over than 13 different Archicad versions, developing the most efficient productivity and collaboration methods as well as my own skills as an architectural author, project manager, BIM manager and GDL programmer. A good BIM process was part of the key to best design, communicate, collaborate and control different sized project types, inside and outside Portugal.

I have been beta tester both for Archicad 7.0 and Archicad 16. Over the years, I have developed several professional product library parts as well as several CAD and BIM based efficiency and marketing tools. As a GDL advanced programmer, I follow Graphisoft's development GDL programming quality standards and tools.

In 2012 I trained the BIM modeling department crew of a major portuguese construction company (Mota Engil) into GDL language.

In 2013 I went through the Graphisoft BIM consultant program, becoming a registered consultant.

In September 2013 I founded concepsysBIM, a BIM consulting and content development service which aims at helping construction product manufacturers, architectural and engineering practices, construction companies and building owners to implement, share and use BIM methods, as a way to become more productive and competitive in their own business activities.



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