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Sally Brincat, DesignInc Melbourne



from Deakin University, Geelong, Victoria 1997

Research topic: Double Envelope Facade Systems

Work Experience:


Graduate - MSA Architects, Melbourne


Graduate - George Enver Architects, Brighton


Director - Transonic Architects


ArchiCAD Manager of DesignInc Melbourne 

Integral to the implementation and use of ArchiCAD on varying sized Victorian and Interstate projects including;



ArchiCAD is used extensively for Concept Design and Presentation work and our current implementation program is working towards a fully integrated and inter-disciplinary use of BIM software. Collaboration between Consultants is a focus of our current projects and future plans include full utilisation of new (v.13) BIM Server technology across multiple offices/sites.


Our greatest challenges ahead are reconciling commercial realities with the radically different (and improved) workflows possible using ArchiCAD and BIM software. Developing new design and documentation systems and encouraging new work cultures are integral to this task. Influencing change at all levels of the organisation and freeing our time to do more design and less drawing will improve outcomes for ourselves and our Clients and must take a high priority.

Overcoming the challenges experienced on large and complex projects is high on our list of hurdles and v.13 of ArchiCAD promises this success. I look forward to our next big ArchiCAD project.


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