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Registered Consultants in Australia

Article Tony Krepler, Graphisoft Australia, Sydney
ArchiCAD consultant and trainer with 20+ years of ArchiCAD experience
Article David Shorter
Graphisoft Australia National Support and Training Manager.
Article Sally Brincat, DesignInc Melbourne
Article Martin Wolfendale Graphisoft Trainer and Registered Consultant
Provide Archicad Tuition & Implementation Conduct Training & Run Courses in Archicad
Article Richard Matthews, Designer & Trainer, Newcastle/Hunter Valley
ArchiCAD Consultant & Trainer with 26 years of ArchiCAD experience
Article Kristian Bursell
ArchiCAD Consultant, GDL Technician (Library Part Builder), ArchiCAD Trainer with over 10 years experience developing and maintaining ArchiCAD sytems and Library Parts.
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